Ayiti Diasporap 4 Life

Ayiti Diasporap 4 Life
Various Artists – Ayiti Diasporap 4 Life (2009)

1. H.A.I.T.I. – 509 Boyz feat. Stichiz
2. Chanjman Pou Ayiti – Killa Man feat. Kayla
3. Banm Love – Black G, Licia, O.D., Geos
4. Zombi – Boukman Ekxperyans feat. Ti-Paul, Siamise
5. Remember – Zing Experience
6. Jump UP – T-Man
7. Verite – Negus World Order
8. Corazon – Black Ghetto
9. Why – Haitian Mafia
10. Jaspora – Youngsquad1804, Gold Face
11. Mèsi Bondye – Dr. Zoe feat. Voodoo Blast
12. Padonem – P.e.t.e.r. Da Great feat. Maverick, Max
13. Oh Oh – Sam Toussaint
14. Pi Wo – Khameleyon Man, Bennchoumy, Dr. Zoe
15. Nap Regle Koze – Dr. Zoe feat. Gato, Pistach Grye
16. La Maison – Haitian Mafia

Links: finetunes | iTunes | juno | Virgin Mega | amazon

Read a review about this compilation on dancehallmusic.de (in German)


  1. pascale Andris

    Ayiti Diasporap 4 life,it’s one of the best album this year.I will buy the album next.I’m very happy that i can find it now…BEST For you Guys

  2. chris

    It is possible to hear something from dis lp??

  3. julia

    thank you for your comments! all the best for you, too 🙂
    you can listen to one track here:
    or you can follow the links to one of the shops mentioned above and listen to the tracks there. they all have samples.

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