Boukman Eksperyans – La Revolte Des Zombies

Boukman Eksperyans - La Revolte des Zombies
Boukman Eksperyans – La Revolte Des Zombies
Haiti 2009

Released date: 10/2009
on Faluma / Bacchanalism

available at: iTunes | amazon | finetunes

01. Zombie
02. Twoubadou Rasin
03. Tanbou Vye Gri
04. Pa Kite Tan Pase
05. Dlo Se Miste
06. Ti Bourik Pote Chaj San’l Pa Konnen
07. Beautiful Angel!
08. Peyolt Sacred Song
09. W.I.M.
10. Otansia
11. Basen An Fon
12. We Don’t Need No Middle Man!
13. Lanmou Pa Foli
14. Respekte Tet Nou
15. Fight Like A Man!
16. Bravo Pou Haiti
17. Rapsin
18. Manman Se Nannan
19. Dare To Care
20. Lakou / Kasika
21. Zanmitay
22. Rythme Matinik
23. Grenadie A La So

Twoubardou Rasin

Please also have a look at this article about the band and the album release.
The band plans to be on tour in Europe in May/June/July 2010. Please contact us for more infos.


  1. Peace and Love

    One of the best album this year!!!

    Boukman is the best!!!!!!!

  2. Regis Pierre and M M Alix P.L Regis

    Kinbe red pa lage

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