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Upcoming Releases on Faluma Digital:

La Ritmica – En Vivo!
La Ritmica – Juana P.
Madd – The Madd Xmas Album

on our sublabel Faluma Africa:

Bantu – No Man Stands Alone (2010)

Lady May – ZOOM ZOOM (Ndikuhole) (Video)
Lady May feat. Berthold – Kuminina (Video)

and on our sublabel T&TEnt:
A.B. Windsor – A Timely Diamond
Tony Prescott – Best of Tony Prescott

Isaac Blackman – To The Ceiling
Russell Lèonce – Culture Of Love
Pamberi Steel Orchestra – Paris Pan Jam
A.B. Windsor – Truth

Sharlene Flores – With Flores De San Jose
Hamidullah – One Stick of Match
Manchild – The Gate Keeper


  1. Blax

    Will you guys be releasing El-A-Kru’s next album Rocket Launcher as well?

  2. Yeeeeaaah

    Yeeeeeeeeah dis album has to be released, man!!!! :D:D:D:D
    Ah want dem all ! Go go go !!;)

    Big up

  3. yes, we plan to release their new album, too. however we do not have a release date yet..

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